The Historic Edinburgh Castle

When I went to Edinburgh,Scotland I stayed in a hotel called the “Braid Hills Hotel” the hotel is cozy and very English but I think it’s kind of expensive but totally worth the view and places, The places had some Victorian vibes going on and there were paintings of people just looking straight at you, You know like in the horror movies when the paintings looking at you when you’re not looking. Overall LOVE THE PLACE it so cozy and warm but because i’m from a tropical country i’m not used to the cold and windy weather in Edinburgh, So I got a little sick because of the cold weather, That didn’t bother me to go on a trip to the castle though.


Me and my family had breakfast the next morning and we went to the castle by walking a few miles from the hotel, and then I spot his beautiful view of the mountain from the hills. I gotta say Scotland is pretty amazing with the view, and then because me and my family are so lazy because it’s so cold and we couldn’t take anymore of the cold weather we ordered an Uber. I know we are really whining about the weather but we couldn’t take it, So for you guys who is not good with cold weather and windy I suggest that you always bring a coat In Edinburgh especially in Winter.


So Yeah, We arrived there in like 20 minutes from the hotel. And we waited to go in to the castle to get the tickets, and It was amazing to see the view from up there. Before we went to the castle we were given instruction and rules, Etc. Then Me and Mom took some pictures and thank god the sun was coming up and it was so warm and good. And then we ordered some hot chocolate to warm up our body.


Like I said you could really see Edinburgh from there, and I mean the sun just makes it more Breathtaking because you can really see the town and not really fogy.DSCF3393

The Edinburgh Castle have so many history like when the castle was involved in many many historical conflicts from the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century to the Jacobite rising of 1745. This Castle has became A recognisable symbol of Edinburgh and of Scotland.DSCF3391

So inside the castle there’s many hills so be very careful because it can get very slipper when wet, So before you went inside the castle there’s a Souvenir Shop and A phone booth that I don’t know still works or not, and flyers about the castle. After that you will enter the gate of The Edinburgh Castle and entering the castle.


And I really recommend when you’re going here it’s best to go here when the sun is up because it’s more warmer and you can get really cool photos and cool videos. And after that you can explore many places in the castle like the prison the cafeteria the village, etc.


Going more up to the hills you would find historic weapon like the cannon *not loaded*, and many more places and you could find graves of people who died, and even… animals graveyard it made me cried when I saw the animal graveyard , I don’t know why..


I’m sorry that I didn’t took many pictures because I was freezing and my hand couldn’t take pictures, But I did managed to take some and maybe it’s not the best but hey at least you guys could see it.


As you could see i’m freezing and couldn’t take pictures and because I was getting a flu because of the cold, We went into a cafe and ate there THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE I MISSED IT, IF YOU ARE HAPPEN TO BE IN A CAFE NEAR A CANNON, BE SURE TO CHECK IT BECAUSE THEY FIRE A CANNON AT 1PM IN THE AFTERNOON, So don’t forget to check it and when you’re there please don’t litter because this is a historic place.


So sorry that I couldn’t share anymore pictures, But if you guys did visit the places Please tell me and tell me what did you do there and just message me, I really hoped you guys are pleased reading this and have more information about the places, Thanks, xx Love.


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