Traveling To York, England


So last year in December 2016 I was traveling to York City with my family, And I have to say York is one the best cities I have ever visited, Because of the town heritage and old buildings and lots of vintage’s store, I loved it very much. In case You guys don’t know, York is a city in England that have so much History about the town it self.

But some people said sometimes you can see dead Roman soldiers and Vikings In the town. I have experienced some paranormal activity in the town my self, So Me and my family was staying in a hotel but the hotel wasn’t really a modern and expensive hotel it was kind of like a cottage, Then one night when all of my sisters are sleeping and I was still awake playing my phone and wearing my headphones, Then I heard the shower running I was confused because if nobody is awake then.. who is using the shower? then the shower stopped, I didn’t care about it the first time but after I heard it the second time I got really scared and went to check on the shower, But nobody was there I was super scared because i’m not really that brave. I didn’t want to wake my sisters up because they always gets mad when i wake them up. But I guess it was a cool experience for me to feel something like that.


Then again that’s what making me love the town The buildings, The weather, Places, Just almost everything. I really think if you love to see old buildings and places you SHOULD definitely go here because this town is so beautiful.

DSCF3816There’s so many cute shops like this one, This one makes fudge it’s so nice to see little shops like this in York because you don’t see something like this in London. Then there’s also a small market place I love it so much you guys should come here. also a small cute theater to watch movies.

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