Disneyland, Paris

DSC_4627 2In 2010 I was visiting Disneyland, Paris and I have to say it was one of the best experience I have, I love it because your childhood just came true like watching Disney princess castle in movies and wondering what it would be like to see it on real life. Well I have experience that and IT WAS SO AMAZING to see the castle in real life and the Aurora’s castle is so beautiful, It’s so wonderful to see the castle inside well it was crowded but I had fun anyway. Oh yes and the parade is so beautiful there’s Princess dancing and waving their hand with the prince. Such a dream came true when I saw the Princess and Prince, There’s Snow White and the Prince , Belle and Beast , Cinderella with Prince Charming and many more.

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DSC_4650There’s 2 part of Disneyland there’s Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland the places is so big and I don’t think you can really visit two of them in 1 day, Maybe you can visit in 1 day if there’s not to many people. And I think you should take the train from Paris to Disneyland in the morning, Because if you don’t do that sometimes the park takes time to get in to the park and you will be wasting time and yes Disneyland does opens in usually 10 am but you just have to be ready. The park closes in 11 pm but so make sure you ride all of the rides before that, But somebody told me that sometimes when there’s special occasion there will be fireworks in around the park.

DSC_4619And there’s many different lands some of the names are Fantasyland which is where the aurora’s castle in on and many fantasy rides, And then Adventureland where places like Indiana jones rides are and many adventure rides, Then Discoveryland places like where my favorite rides are Space Mountain and many more, And Frontierland like where’s River Rogue Keelboats are. But there’s some rides if you are too short you can’t ride it.

IMG_0774And for the Walt Disney Studios one you have studios and production places it’s amazing to see the places especially for you guys who likes filming in the Walt Disney studios there are some booth that are really cool like face painting it was really cool and in the park they really really good and cute food but yeah sometimes they are kinda expensive but whatever right, And of course they have the Disney Stores filled with all kinds of toys and merchandise I love the Lotso bear so much because it actually SMELLS LIKE STRAWBERRY. and cute bags and drinking cups just so much you guys can buy. I recommend for you guys to go here around the summer or autumn just because the weather are nicer.

I really hope some of my tips helps you guys, Thank you

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