Walking In A Winter Wonderland


In London there’s a place that is called Winter Wonderland which is a theme park that opens every winter around November and closes in January they are opened in Hyde Park, London. The places is filled with rides that are so cool and yes scary some of my favorites are the roller coaster and the seat carousel, I went there with my little sister and my mom and my dad. This was my first time going to the Winter Wonderland and of course I got too excited and took so much pictures instead playing in the rides but to be honest I was really scared to ride some of the rides, Because some of them are really scary but yes maybe they are fun to ride but not for me, So my first ride there was the called the Waltz I don’t really remember what the name was I just remember how the ride went WARNING : do not go in The Waltz one if you guys have serious illness because the ride is REALLY REALLY DIZZY well for me of course. And of course that’s my bad to ride The Waltz one, After the rides was finished I kinda threw up just because the ride was you sitting in a seating booth of the ride and then it was spinning so fast.


But I came here for an adventure so well I didn’t really care, Then I ride the Rollercoaster and it was so amazingly good and i wasn’t really scared so that’s good. What I love about the park was if you want to go in the park it’s free but if you want to ride one of the rides you need to pay maybe about 5 – 10 Pounds 1 person but sometimes different according to what you’re riding, That’s what I like so you only need to pay for the rides that you want to ride on it’s because I don’t have theme parks like these in my country so maybe i’m a little overwhelmed but it’s exiting to see somethings that like this in another country. And I need to talk to you guys about the little booth games I mean guys I was so excited to see something like that because I don’t not have those in my country.

DSCF3207It was so nice to go there especially if you’re with your friends or boyfriends maybe, I think this place is very cool place to hang out in with your friend or boyfriends. and like the places has little food booth so you can eat many different things around the park maybe like crepes, sausage, hot chocolates and many more, And the little shopping booth that sells like stuff like candles, lights, dream catchers and many different things that are like so tumblr and vintage stuffs and of course the places has got so amazing cool places to take pictures.


Well after Me and my sister rode another dizzy ride she got sick because she’s a little wimp and can’t take it so Me being a good big sister told my mom and dad to go back to the hotel because my sister was so dizzy and sick because of the rides and the cold weather. I was really sad because I still wanted to play in the Winter Wonderland but I can’t stay because my sister was sick so I went back to the hotel, I hope I can come back here next year. And I think you guys should visit Winter Wonderland if you are in London around November to January it is great places to go to.

I hope I can see you again next year Winter Wonderland. Xx

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