Going To Hogwarts

DSCF3889Who doesn’t know Harry Potter and the famous school that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, For me growing up with Harry Potter is an amazing thing because I feel like I was growing up with them and then seeing the series end it was so sad to see it ending. When Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows was playing I was so excited to see it in the theaters but of course it will be full, so I waited in line for 2 hours to buy the tickets, It was so tiring to wait in line but it was the premiere so I have to need to watch it so I got the tickets and of course I was excited, then I watched the movie in theaters I have to say it was amazing and sad but a good sad. Then I told my dad I really wanted to go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour, It took a while to convince him but then we went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London.

The location is not far from London it’s only 30 minutes to there by train, when you arrived outside the train station there’s a shuttle bus that takes you straight to the Harry Potter Tour.


DSCF3844When I arrived in the lot, there were the chess statue that Ron, Harry and Hermione played in the 1st movie. Then I came in to the lobby of the lot and it was so full, I was so lucky to get the ticket so I recommend to you guys if you want to go here book it months before you went here so you get tickets. So then I went in the studio and me and everybody else need to watch a behind the scenes movie first before we actually go to the set I can’t show you guys any pictures because we weren’t allowed to take photos of it first. Then after me and everyone else watched the behind the scenes movie the screen was opened and there was a door behind it and it was leading to…. THE GREAT HALL , It was so so amazing guys so magical, Then I went inside to the set of the great hall.


DSCF3851The Great Hall is so amazing to see but kinda disappointed because…. the fire on the thing that holds the fire is fake, the food is fake and the sky that had different skies was fake it’s all effects and yes I know it’s supposed to be effects but if you see it in the movies it looks so real, but it was still amazing.

So after that I went to the other rooms like the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office, My favorite was the Potion’s room the spoon to mix the potion was moving on it’s own it was amazing it just looks so magical and amazing. I’m just wandering from afar how does it does that, like what? it’s just like my childhood dream came true.


DSCF3882Then I went to the Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts express train it was cool but different to see it in real life, If you see these props on real life they actually look fake but if you see it in the movies it looks so real you know. And then there were candies store’s filled with Harry Potter candies like the Chocolate Frog and the Honey duke’s Chocolate candies and many more. And there were the wands character like Harry’s, Ron’s, Ginny’s, Bellatrix’s and so many more but my personal favorite was Fleur’s or Luna’s and Hermione’s wands. There spots that you can take picture’s and they will print it later for you like the train seat one and my favorite the broom photoshoot.

DSCF3897This scene one was when Harry and Ron first know each other in the first movie, Then I got into a room where there were properties and costumes for the cast IT WAS AMAZING, Especially the properties it was so amazing to see the goblin costume the Hagrid costume and many more props, I didn’t get to take to many picture’s because I was to excited to see so many sets. And then me and my family decided to take a little rest because we were tired then we ate foods in the studio but guy my favorite one is…. THE BUTTERBEER, Yes it is the Harry Potter drinks in the movie. You guys have to try the Butterbeer when you come here.

DSCF3900After I had a little snack and drinks we went outside to see Harry potter house which on the movie was a street named private drive, I have to say Hollywood Movie Making is so amazing at making properties like this, And i’m just sitting here like.. HOW how do you guys makes these such beautiful properties. And the house is actually only the outside view there’s nothing inside just outside properties.

Then on the other side you will see the car that Harry and Ron ride on the Chamber of secrets when they tried to find the train, and you will see the motorbike thing? that Hagrid took Harry when he was a baby and in the Deathly Hallows, and you will see the bridge that is often used in most of the movies.

After I explore the outside room I entered the most amazing room of them all Diagon Alley which is the second best room in the studio for me. You can see the Weasley store, Olivander’s and the streets look exactly the same like it was in the movie. It feels weird because seeing it in real life makes it more magical than seeing it in movies, but either way it’s still an amazing room so many good spots to take pictures.

Then we went into the last room which is THE HOGWARTS MINIATURE, I’m kind of disappointed and sad to see Hogwarts is not real because from when I was a kid I always told my mom I wanted to go to Hogwarts and study magic but my mom was just laughing ,she knew Hogwarts is not real but she just pretend not to know about it. So I was 70% amazed and 30% sad, But then I got over it but it’s still amazed me how they made this studio for like 9 years more and the properties the costume’s are still here and they were all are just like a big family cause they’ve know each other for 9 years more and making movies together.

At the end of the tour you will see a room full boxed wands which is filled with everybody that has been working on the Harry Potter movies like the directors, producers, costume designer, make up artists just everybody that is helped of the making of Harry Potter. And the store which is filled with House jackets from Slytherin to Ravenclaw, Wands, Mugs, Foods, AND MY FAVORITE The Chocolate Wand so amazing, there’s so many things in the store. I really enjoyed the tour and I think you guys will to so I really really recommend this to you guys.


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