Lush Life

Some of you may known Lush but maybe some of you don’t know what Lush is, Well Lush is a company made by Mark Constantine he is a herbal trichologist and Elizabeth Weir who is a beauty therapy. When they first met they decided to make their own company called Constantine & Weir in the early 80’s. Then Mark read something about Anita Roddick who is just starting The Body Shop, So Mark called Anita and offered some of his products. Constantine and Weir developed some recipes for bath and beauty products they were a big supplier for The Body Shop, But then The Body Shop decided that they would make their own formulas.

LUSH #5So Mark and liz also with Mo Constantine, Helen Ambrosen , Rowena Bird and Paul Greaves from Cosmetics-To-Go used make their own hand made beauty products by them self using fresh fruits and vegetables. They used to pay someone to come up with the fragrance of their products but then Mark realize that sometimes perfume aren’t always pure so he decided that he would make his own perfume himself. So one day he launched a competition for costumer to come up with a name for the company, One costumer suggested LUSH it means being fresh, green, and verdant.

Lush has so many beauty products such as Bath bombs, Bubble bar, Shampoo bar, Body lotions, Perfumes , Essentials oil and so much more. But you can also get them in a gift box which is at a different size different price but in them you can get 3 Bath bombs 4 Bubble bar but I don’t think you can custom organize them, What I love so much about Lush is THE FRAGRANCE  I don’t know why but the fragrance are just fresh and so good.


In case you guys didn’t know Lush are 100% vegetarian and they are fighting for animal testing, So be careful some products expires fast because they are so fresh. But sometimes I kinda used the Lush when stuff is expired but well because it’s kinda a waste if I throw them away so maybe yea it expires but I still like it, I do not recommend you guys to use it when it expires but I think it’s still good but the smell is not really fresh anymore, I recommend to you guys who loves to take a long bath and just relax I REALLY RECOMMEND TO YOU GUYS to buy Lush product.

LUSH #14

If you go to the store you will see so many colorful Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Shampoo Bars and so many more, If you don’t know how the bath bombs or bubble bars and shampoo bars works the staff will be delighted to show you how the product works.

LUSH have their own factory and I really want to go there, their factory is so amazing I saw it on their Youtube channel and they were mixing the ingredient in a very large mixing thing. And from what I saw in their videos they really do uses fresh ingredient and I like how it looks so fun working there, And I hope I can come to the factory and see how they make the product, It would be amazing to see it in real life.


Their headquarters is in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. But I know some of their famous stores is in Oxford Street, London I went there a few times and it was so big. But I went to their stores in Edinburgh and in York too it was more smaller but it’s still amazing too, If you ever see one of Lush stores you should totally come check the store.

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